Countryside restaurant

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«Shalyapin» countryside restaurant
The rural interior features endearing details such as handcrafted lampshades and a gramophone-shaped fireplace. A large veranda decorated with plants and flowers perfectly matches the restaurant’s pastoral surroundings. We are very easy to reach and provide a large parking lot. It is a unique place filled with countryside charm and the spirit of Shalyapin, who loved spending time here in Repino. And, of course, our food will match our guests’ loftiest gastronomic expectations.
Potato pancakes with pike caviar and homemade sour cream
Chicken Kiev
Pike perch cutlets
Pancakes with mushroom julienne
Big grill platter
Mini-chebureki (deepfied turnovers) with lamb and «Adjica» sauce
Venison and wild boar meat pelmeni
Homemade meat jelly
Sauercraut soup with side pork
Banquets to any taste
There is no such thing as a bad time to celebrate holidays, weddings and anniversaries, and here, summer season never ends.
«Shalyapin» is the perfect venue for any kind of function - corporate parties, anniversaries, and weddings, and our takes on traditional Russian and European dishes are ideal choices for any occasion. The restaurant has two dining rooms with designer wood-burning fireplaces that will keep you warm in the winter and a large terrace overlooking the lawn which can host an outdoor wedding or any other celebration, from bachelor parties to children’s birthdays, when it gets warmer.
Main room
  • Holds banquets of up to 120 guests
  • Standing buffet for up to 200 guests
Banquet room
  • Holds banquets of up to 40 guests
  • Standing buffet for up to 50 guests
Summer terrace
  • Holds banquets of up to 80 guests
  • Standing buffet for up to 130 guests
Outdoor events
Apart from indoor events «Shalyapin» also caters outdoor events in Kurortny District.
Contact our banquet manager for more information.
We all need a break from the kitchen sometimes… «Shalyapin» is here to help!
We will deliver any dish from the menu, as well as any semi-finished product, from 11:00 to 22:00.
Free delivery within Repino for orders over 2,000 rubles and within a 20 km radius for orders over 3000 rubles.
Our couriers accept cash and bank cards, you can also pay online.
Contactless delivery upon request.