Shalyapin. The Countryside Restaurant.

The Countryside Shalyapin is an elegant restaurant located away from the urban bustle. It is famed for its warmth, cosiness and out-of-town family charm. Light colour schemes in its interior and style inspired by early 20th century countryside mansion underline the aesthetics of the restaurant and fill it with a genuinely homely atmosphere. An exquisite space is formed by an impressive round fireplace in the centre of the room, lampshades over the tables with snow-white tablecloths, sculptures of the great opera singer and a vintage record player.

The menu is rich with traditional homemade dishes: Studen (Russian pork jelly aspic), Borsch with beans and garlic, pan-fried Chicken Tabaka. There are also plenty of dishes with a modern take on Russian cuisine: a beef carpaccio with parmesan and beetroot ‘caviar’, a juicy steak with ‘Porto’ sauce and baked potato cream, fried salmon with brown rice and and paprika sauce. Besides, there’s the pride of the restaurant: all kinds of real homemade dumplings (pelmeny, vareniki), cottage cheese pancakes (syrniki), different kinds of baked bread and pickles. For dessert, there are exclusive homemade pastries - crisp ‘Angel wings’, ‘Nut’ cookies with sweet condensed milk filling, traditional ‘Napoleon’ cake and a lot more.

You can order a takeaway of anything on the menu and if it’s done in advance it’s possible to have a real feast in your own country house, as an option - with full restaurant service and tableware. A roasted suckling pig or a baked sterlet could be a wonderful addition to your dinner.

The charm of a countryside mansion invites to share the lunch or dinner with one’s family and friends and our attention to every guest helps bring along a soulful atmosphere.

Welcome to Shalyapin!